Ultimate Dragon ***

The text adventure is the grandfather of computer gaming, reaching straight into the players imagination, as their fantasy slowly unfolds within an interactive landscape. This role-playing game of depending on a mediator between the player and their desired information has expanded into a permanent interface over the years, limiting the users to a set of premade choices and paths. These choices reflect in their digital environment, as their activity is being interpreted and fed back to them. Technology is giving us a hand with distorting our perceived reality and we grip it tightly. We are facing a new, gamified reality covering the means of its construction behind opaque interfaces. A personalized environment compromising your idealistic vision into its digitized representation.
Ultimate Dragon is an adventure game which lures you in with a promise: your personalized utopia. As you move through the fictional landscape in constant dialogue with the program, your input generates a 3-dimensional digital landscape hidden behind its interface. The program secretly constructs a world based on your activity in the game. Every time the player is making a choice within the game, another layer is stacked onto their virtual terrain. This results in a feedback loop, depending on constant input from both sides of the screen. As soon as enough information has been stored, the individualized landscape is revealed. Can the program's creation compare to the world the player imagined based on the writing? Is technology able to translate their fiction into a liveable digital environment and if not, whose fiction is it?

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